You are an EU/EEA company.

How to advertise a job in Romania?

If you want to advertise a job in Romania, in order to recruit Romanian workers, you have to contact first the EURES national network from your contry. Many countries offer Internet Self Service solutions and Call Centres. To find out how to proceed and whom to contact in your country, please find the contact details of all EURES advisers by clicking on the link: https://ec.europa.eu/eures/eures-apps/um/page/public?=undefined%E2%8C%A9=en#/adviser/search/list

The job vacancy will be then checked and published on the job vacancies database managed by the Public Employment Services of your country. After this step, the job offer will be sent by an EURES adviser from your country to Romanian EURES network in order to be promoted among the interested job seekers and uploaded it on the national EURES network: http://eures.anofm.ro/index.php. National social media channels can also be used.

Please be aware about the importance of providing details on the job: company address, contact details; occupation offered; nr. of posts; job description; job requirements; salary (gross or netto, monthly); other benefits (Is the workers’accomodation finnacially supported by you or by the workers? How about meals? Cost of utilities? Holliday payments? Etc.); requested foreign language - level; how to apply on the job; job offer availability.

In the same time, we will inform you about the situation of the national /local labour market/ economic sector envisaged by you – for example if your job offers are targeting a specific economic field affected by shortages /deficit of workers; thus you will now what are the possibilities to recruit Romanian workers and to meet your needs.The contact data of the Romanian EURES network can be found on: http://eures.anofm.ro/contact.php.

Do you need support to organise in Romania a recruitment event using our EURES services?

First, you need to fulfil the steps above mentioned for advertising the job.Then, the Romanian EURES National Coordination Office (ANOFM) will establish together with you and with its EURES members (the County Agencies for Employment – AJOFM, AMOFM Bucuresti) the premises for such event (date, venue, candidates’ invitation etc.).

Our EURES advisers may pre-select the candidates (usually for simple jobs, not highly specialised) or the CV-s, based on your job requirements and request.

You do not have time to participate to an on site recruitment event in Romania? The EC portal can be the perfect tool to participate to on line job fairs: https://www.europeanjobdays.eu/en. Please contact your national EURES network and get the details on how to promote and to participate to on line job interviews with candidates from all the EU/EEA states.


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