As a citizen of a country within the European Union (EU)/European Economic Area (EEA) you have the possibility to work in other country inside of European Community.

In order to obtain a job in the European Economic Area you have at your disposal several options:

1. The access of the available job vacancies at European level, through the EURES portal (website:

Within the section dedicated to the jobseekers you can find the available job vacancies for the workers from other Member States; these offers are marked with a flag (the symbol of EU). The offers are detailed on standard elements (occupation, requirements, salary, the validity of the offer, the contract duration, data of the employer, how to apply, etc.).

2. The access of the existing job vacancies on ANOFM site, which are the offers received from the EU/EEA employers wishing to recruit personal from Romania, click here.

3. In case your occupation is not found on the available offers of job vacancies on the EURES portal, or on the Agency site (here), you can register yourself on the European data base of the EURES portal by filling the CV EUROPASS model, in Romanian language or in other European language. This model of CV can be found at the adress

After you have completed your CV, you will receive an account number, useful in further job search on EURES portal.

Before you decide working abroad, you should study the list of countries which are imposing or not restrictions to the free access of the Romanian labour force in the European labour market.

States which are imposing restrictions :

Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Hungary, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Luxemburg, Holland, Portugal, Malta.

States which are not imposing restrictions:

Estonia, Finland, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Sweden, Slovenia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Lithuania.


Even in case you decide to work abroad in the states that are not imposing restrictions you should first interest about the living and working conditions in that country !

Either you decide to work in a country which is imposing or not restrictions to the Romanian workers, in order to benefit of complete information, you should contact the EURES advisers from Romania !

The list of all Romanian EURES advisers is available by clicking here